The peaches

ricetta delle pesche

“The peaches”

My grandmother called them just “the peaches”. They are little balls made with pasta frolla stuffed with jam and covered with Alchermes and sugar in order to make them similar to real peaches. Given the huge amount of quantities, we think that this doses were used to satisfy the palate of the whole big family.


White flour 800g • sugar 300g • 1 glass of olive oil • 6 eggs • 1 pinch of salt • homemade peach jam • baking powder 36g • a bit of Marsala wine • a bit of dried wine • Alchermes • 1 glass of milk


Melt flour, sugar, salt and sifted backing powder. Now make a well and break the eggs into it, add olive oil and milk. Amalgamate until you will have a smooth dough. Create half-balls with a central hole and bake them. When they are baked, wet the balls’ holes with Marsala and dried wine, whose taste is similar to the peaches. Fill the hole with peach jam and assemble the two half balls so as to create a sphere. Wet them with Alchermes and cover with sugar.