About us

Fattoria Grimana is an agricultural holding and a farmhouse, consisting of 11 hectares. It is part of the Environmental Association Terranostra (Campagna Amica) thanks to the 2 hectares covered in vineyard, orchard and olive grove, 1 hectare covered in wood and hedges, 8 hectares are allocated for cereals and soy production. In the past, hemp, vine, tobacco, hay and mulberries were cultivated. Moreover, Brown Alpine and Apulian dairy cattle were bred.

Quality Certification

In 2013 Italy submitted a new certification named “Agriturismo Italia”, together with a new classification system for agritouristic business. As for hotel classification, Agriturismo Italia aims to show and compare  agritourism standards in terms of hospitality, services, environmental context. The sunflowers are used as equivalent to the hotel stars.

FattoriaGrimana obtained 5 sunflowers out of 5.