Ecotourism & Sport

Walking tours

You can enjoy walking paths while being surrounded by our farmhouse garden, along the local walking and cycling paths, so as to explore the unique biodiversity, which is the result of a farming hard work.

Cycling paths

A cycling path connects Montegalda with Grisignano. Starting from Fattoria Grimana, you can easily reach the following places by bicycle or on foot:

  • The following cycling paths: Green Tour, Ostiglia, Vicenza-Padova (from Palladio to Galileo along Riviera del Bacchiglione), Riviera Berica, Vi-bike.
  • The following walking routes: Cammini Veneti (Cammino Fogazzaro-Roi from Montegalda to  Tonezza del Cimone), from Montegalda to Padua or Vicenza. 
  • The natural routes across Euganei and Berici Hills
  • The Olimpic Theatre, Villa La Rotonda and Villa ai Nani in Vicenza, S.Antonio Cathedral, the Giotto’s Chapel in Padua, the Italian Garden and the Romantic Park at Villa Fogazzaro together with its Venetian Bells Museum, Villa Gualdo, the Castle Grimani-Sorlini, the Vinci navigation lock and the Port in Colzè-Montegalda, historical gardens, villas and palaces in Costozza di Longare-Longare, the Praglia Abbey in Padua. 
  • The golf club in Frassanelle, Montecchia, Colli Berici and Vicenza
  • Other cycling routes: |

Bikes rental service

You can rent our bikes for free. Moreover, Fattoria Grimana is affiliated with a local repair shop, in case you may need maintenance or fixing service. We provide pneumatic compressor, keys and a designated room for bike parking. For insurance purposes, reservation has to be made 10 days before the actual use.

Cycling paths map

We recommend you to explore some cycling paths we have already experienced and appreciated (the map is currently being updated).